'Improved Service'

The Client

The digital marketing agency Possible worked with a large metro utility provider on the launch of a new website to give customers more self-service tools.

The Problem

As customers registered on the new site, Possible expected a rise in call center volume for the utility. The agency sought both to reduce call volume and duration and empower call-center representatives to educate the callers. Possible wanted the reps to understand that the new site was a positive change and to pass that enthusiasm on to customers. The agency also hoped to give the reps tools to go off-script and serve as true advisors to customers.

Possible knew this would be a big training operation: they needed to teach 800 call center representatives in sessions, over two weeks and at various locations around a large metro area.

The Solution

On the recommendation of a colleague from their Seattle team, Possible chose The Turk Group to provide this training. In collaboration with Possible, The Turk Group developed the framework for the presentation and worked out the logistics for holding all of the sessions that were needed.

“James had a really solid plan, and was very flexible and nimble with us,” says Possible’s Allison Dougherty. James Turk also facilitated three or four training sessions daily for two solid weeks at different locations.

“James has a great style of facilitating and a great method of giving call center reps a framework to use to easily engage with customers,” Allison says. “This gave them a more consistent way to think about how they interact with and respond to the customers — less transactional and more strategic.”

After each session, James and the Possible team would huddle to adjust the training based on audience response. Possible’s Chaz Mee was also impressed with The Turk Group’s takeaway materials that the reps could now use to guide future calls.

The Results

The result of all of this was positive feedback on the training.

“People were very happy, and people in the room responded to his style very well,” Dougherty says.

Possible’s client, the large utility, was also pleased, Mee adds: “The client felt we were bringing the right person to the table. It helped give a positive feeling to the rollout in general.”