'The Best in the Business'

The Client

Influential is a unique and innovative business. Part creative agency, part talent agency, and part talent platform, Influential connects advertisers and agencies with influencers who have massive social followings so that they can collaborate on campaigns.

The Problem

As a growing startup with a lot of first-time managers, Influential wanted to provide leadership training. They turned to The Turk Group.

“I’ve worked with James Turk in the past at a former company and I know him to be the best in the business,” says Adrienne Lahens, Influential’s Chief of Staff and Executive Vice President of Operations.

The Solution

The Turk Group helped the Influential team develop their skills in management, peer-to-peer leadership, and achieving account excellence.

“It helped individuals learn how to deliver feedback to their peers,” Lahens says. “It provided a framework for managers to coach their teams effectively, and helped sales and ops to manage their client’s expectations.”

The Results

Influential considers its collaboration with The Turk Group “excellent,” and it continues to reap the benefits.

“The team is more self-aware in their management tactics,” Lahens says.