'Support Beyond What We Expected'

The Client

For fans of fantasy sports, FanDuel is a winner. Founded in 2009, the site now has 1 million active paying users and 350 employees in the U.S. and the U.K.

The Problem

“Like most startups who experience rapid growth, we promoted high performers to management positions,” says Adriana Estrada Genao. “While we saw this increase retention and motivation at first, we quickly realized we needed to get these new managers training and support.”

An added challenge for FanDuel was the fact that the company operates in different locations with different cultures. It needed to create a common language around its expectations for managers.

“The Turk Group works with a wide range of companies across industries, size, and cultures,” Adriana says. “After meeting with James and reviewing his proposal, we felt confident The Turk Group would tailor a plan that we could carry on after he implemented it.”

The Solution

The Turk Group first worked with FanDuel to create frontline and senior management training programs with customized content based on the company’s values. That led to a “train the trainer” program to impart The Turk Group’s Management Essentials program for front-line managers. The next step was a yearlong meet-up scheduled to reinforce learning and increase retention. Most recently, FanDuel engaged with The Turk Group to pilot a 360-degree feedback and coaching program for a select group of senior executives. This ongoing collaboration has lasted two years and counting.

The Results

She says employees have given the training sessions high scores in evaluations and that The Turk Group’s programs have led to lasting changes.

“I’ve worked with James to help design add-on programs and brainstorm ways to take the tools offered in the course and to integrate them into our surveys, competency framework, etc.,” Adriana Genao says.

She adds: “One of the benefits of engaging with The Turk Group is the ongoing support we’ve received. James is naturally curious and very engaging. It has led to lots of fun brainstorming and support beyond what we expected. … James has a wide background of knowledge. I’ve learned so much and created really impactful programs, based on what I’ve learned from James.”