'Increased Performance & Employee Engagement'

The Client

Founded in 2006, BuzzFeed has quickly evolved from a viral content aggregator to a full-fledged global media and technology company.

The Problem

But with that success also came challenges.

“Because of rapid growth, it was crucial for all of our managers to be more effective,” Regis Courtemanche says. “If we didn’t address this early on, we knew that retention and turnover would become problems for us.”

Buzzfeed identified a variety of training needs.

“We have junior managers who struggled with going from independent contributor to a people manager,” Courtemanche says. “We also had gaps with our account managers, who were required to upsell clients more than they were.”

The Solution

BuzzFeed enlisted The Turk Group to work with managers at all levels, the sales team, and account managers. The services offered included coaching and training of new managers as well as sales and communication training.

“The Turk Group was able to adapt to our culture in a way that many firms could not,” Courtemanche says. “Everyone trusted James almost immediately, and he became engrossed in our culture.”

The Results

He feels that The Turk Group’s credibility, relatability, and versatility led to lasting changes at BuzzFeed.

“We saw higher levels of engagement and performance with those who participated in his programs vs. those who did not,” Courtemanche says.

“They are the only partner I’ve continued to work with for as long as I have” he says.  “Working with The Turk Group is like a one-stop shop for your development needs.”