Management Essentials – Winter 2019




A 2016 survey of 500 managers found that 44 percent felt unprepared for their role. Additionally, 87 percent wished they'd had more training before becoming a manager.  This award winning program is specifically designed to help managers develop the necessary skills to enable their success.
Participants learn how to set clear expectations, give actionable feedback, enhance employee engagement as well as how to deal with any awkwardness associated with being the new boss. And much more...
Geared towards new managers or anyone looking for new ways to lead. Participants will leave with a clear personalized plan of action and set of tools for managing their teams.


  • Achieving results through effective delegating
  • How to work through resistance
  • The importance of actionable and timely feedback
  • Performance coaching
  • Managing biases


The Centre for Social Innovation, 601 W. 26th St., Classrooms A&B